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Along The Edge


far below this ledge of stone
there was everything which i had known
a swirling, churning whirlpool of midnight blue, twisting knots in my stomach in slow motion
to make room
for the stars and nebula colours
to seep into my skin
galaxies spread far out below me
and so did the galaxy within
where you have your place in my heart as its sun
and i will continue to orbit around you
and everything you do

Source: garnetportrait

Paper Fans


I thought about transforming
your words, to repurpose
the objects of our discourse
into something other than
that which I reread in my hands

so I started to fold paper fans
but paper fans can’t spin aloft
from ceilings, and the
words would never achieve
their intended heights

maybe I could create
delicate origami swans
or those beloved jumping frogs
but the fragile creatures
would never tread water

or take your breakup note
and make scissor snowflakes
but the results would lack
the coldness of your goodbye

but we can’t un-write
all the words that we’ve written
so with needle and thread
I will entomb them in wool
sewn in the pocket lining
of my favorite tweed jacket
always taking them with me

Source: tshirtsinwinter



I’m so frightened

of seeing muscles move
beneath taut skin
from hidden bone
and catching the sound
of heartbeats
beneath layers of 
unchartered flesh
our fragility
is something
I’d much rather

Source: orange-nose

marbles full of hestias song


infinte breaths are suffocating
a woman that is growing feathers
out of the pocket in her cream blouse
wearing eagerly the notions
of someone and anyone willing to rid
or erase the anymosity
growing between her sailing tongue
and the hard palate
bouncing off words,
making them sound hollow strung on a chord,
she is dead without you.

so i dance this dance
to a sad song a greek sculpture sings
of death and fall and freckled souls
and wonder if a bloodless thing can feel
what made me a laughable wisp.

Source: isas-bell

stone(d) heart


everybody hurts different
as if hurts where different colors
and the hurts of the right people
put together will paint a Chagall
or a Durer or a Monet

or maybe they are sounds
on a music sheet and all
these crotchets together
will sound like Satie,
Bach or maybe Schoenberg

or maybe the hurts are just
touches on paper thin skins,
for some, a touch of a feather
for others the cut of a dagger

it is not the different hurts
as much as the baseness and
the guilt i carry on my back pocket
that i insist in stifling
when i seat on a granite
bench by the river wondering
how the fuck is my brain wired

Source: redeactivated


life cannot be viewed through the cracks of his window,
altering beliefs, I once called true,
I’ve been a prisoner here for so long,
my only belief are those beginning with you.

Source: writingforyourlovee

Beneath Your Skin


Let me crawl under your skin

where the stars collide

as you sweetly grin.

I would dance 

pirouettes amidst your veins

then play a tune

about our pains.

I would reach your heart

to catch my breath

then make it my home

until our death.

Source: splinteredcupcakes


Prayed myself kneeless
and in silent meetings
made applause for 
a speaker who never
surfaced -
Waited &
weighted time
unequally portioned
the deeds that earn me
and the sins
I need hearing for -
I hazard
myself damned -
Ships have rarely
fared so far
when anchored
by scales
the sails by which
have been set backwards 
on the boon -
These planks here
make shapes
not crosses but no less
a perilous way 
to prop oneself up with -
A crutch/
A crucifix -
I wager that
a man made kneeless
is as good and righteous 
as a man at sea
and with as much of a chance
of a savior
sailing out to save him

Source: notesfromtheunprofound


These dreams
are consuming
my fingertips.
Every line has
etched itself into
the palms of my hands,
and now every time
I look down
I cannot help
but see the tale
of two lovers
that went wrong. 

Source: venula