Poetically Profound

The Hangman’s Noose

There’s nothing clearer than broken mirrors
Won’t riddle me with conjecture
I’ve seen my imperfections
I was once a forgotten gesture
I was once in the middle of your confessions
Ragged and jagged, where’s your texture?
Inhibition’s been undressing
A malevolent solvent
We’ve let it all brood and fester
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Throw it all in a cauldron
Watch it brew
Size me up for the hangman’s noose
I go to my death with a clear conscience
No longer haunted
How about you?
Past debts and deep dues
Shackles that’ll subdue a future
I used to
Dream about oceans and horizons
But now as I close my eyelids
I can calmly bid adieu


I always ponder what I will never have,

beauty will never stem from the tips of my fingers,

or the complexities of my soul,

all I will ever do, paint wilting flowers,

and collect falling stars,

it’s understandable, I swear, it’s fine,

I wouldn’t want to grow old,

with a person like me.

Source: writingforyourlovee

Red dress


The earth pulled away 
and with it left  
the moment 
when I mattered. 

Source: loqui


You crossed the bridge
before you saw the water;
holding your arms open
for an unwelcome embrace.

There’s a sadness in your eyes
and it makes me wonder,
how many tears will it take
for the river to flow?

Source: madworlddiary

a song.


On the sheet music of crooked smiles 
tearing cheeks, tears are unsung melodies 
spilling in time with uninvited memories.

Play me a song 
with the notes stuck in your quicksand eyes.

Play me a song
with intensity as loud as thunderous skies.

Source: lulu-llama

Woe Writerly


I wish in me
there were

a story to write
a thought to share
literary royalty

sadden, I admit
fools’ gold I dust

Source: thewriteofi

Shadow Puppets


after the credits rolled
we kept the lights off
and the projector on
to project ourselves
onto the blank screen
leaving the 35mm film
clicking in the background
but it would take more than
angel wings and butterflies
taking flight on sheets of white
to keep us from just
being shaky shadows
two dimensional puppets
a duo cast for the never there
unable to bring voices
to that world within light
our own silent picture
out of each other’s earshot
lacking voices

Source: tshirtsinwinter



Standing before you,
feeling your eyes
scan me,
Searching for a change,
a chance
for a murmur
to become a song,
a touch
to tingle into tremors,
a kiss
to cascade into abandon
that overwhelms us
with its intensity
mushrooming out of
a simple introduction.


Source: aubriestar



you are locked word
a house : water over
the dam - 
i wreath, i wraith
you afford the tottering
ladder into the attic
of who i am
the key, more brusque
than a haiku left 
to autumn the acorns

page camber, is reborn
meat of language
smoked — charred
the book burns violet
-breasted mutinies 
deserting the ramparts
he is a scorched apology
its reputation of - 
shreds and shards

i was mercenary
the blue moon of naples
shivering on the knife
he nettled
the settled sandbars
of my slumber
everywhere the empire
was verde, you were
missing from me

i am plotting a russian
drama under the fallen
eyelid of elms
i have so much winter 
to plough with pen
i will write this
clothed in lakeside
rumours of wrens

i will do as told 
i will make our muscle
memory into a machine-gun mould 
i will intoxicate the tectonic 
this votive of volcanic 
unintended, yet ironic
be wormwood blessed
in my doldrums
you will taste forest fires
on my tongue
my chapter will be 
the daybreak of a Bedouin sun
a deathly shiver spread in gold

you will clutch the embers
etching my page, 
you will swallow the tremors
hazarding your bets
weep your wounds 
in folds of my georgette

you will be the echo
of a story lost to age
a rage to heal
a rage to hold

Scherezade Siobhan©


Source: viperslang



black veils
white church
green grass
tiny graves

two suns
in amniotic

they shined
for a moment

cradled by
the universe
that now mourns
their passing

Source: purplemonkeysexgod69